Ham Egg-2

Ham Egg, also known as Cacciatore, Hammond Eggs or Hamegg, is a fictional manga villain created by Osamu Tezuka. He has a round head, a thin moustache, and a wide grin, and sometimes wears a top hat. Primarily known as the cruel circus manager in Astro Boy, he was also a hotel manager and an organ smuggler in the manga Phoenix. He has made several other appearances in Astro Boy, such as a gangster or a murderous surgeon. In Jungle Emperor Leo episode 1, "Go, White Lion!", Hamegg played Viper Snakely, the hunter who killed Leo's parents, partnered with a Wimpy-like character known as Kutter. In the 2009 3-D film version of Astro Boy, voiced by Nathan Lane, he is the secondary antagonist, but an outcast who pits robots against each other because he believes they don't think or feel. His appearance is also changed from a skinny round headed person to a well-fed one.